Household Products

Industrial Capability

Plastic has replaced metal in a variety of household goods to make our lives better and simpler. Injection moulding machines have changed household plastic products like chairs, tables, buckets, pipes, and the list goes on. Our injection moulding machines are engineered with precision and innovation to deliver household plastic products that are affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

⦁ Smaller Size Injection Molding Machines from 60 T to 250 T
⦁ Mid-size injection molding Machines from 300 T to 500 T
⦁ Higher Tonnage Machines from 600 T to 800 T
⦁ Parallel Operation
⦁ High Speed Molding
⦁ Customized Locking and Injection Unit
⦁ Electric Charging Options.
⦁ Robotic Supports