S&T Plastic Machines was started as a group company of the S&T Group focusing primarily on the manufacture and supply of plastic injection molding machines

Established in 1996, the S&T Group began its operations by procuring and distributing machine tool accessories
and milling machines in India. Since then, the group has grown into a multi-faceted and multi-locational industrial conglomerate with a focus on metal cutting, injection molding, e-commerce, healthcare andwellness, the group began several companies to support its diverse mission.

Custom Design

STM Brand Plastic Injection Moulding Machines are produced with a robust design and are suitable for fast cycling. We offer custom-built machines to suit specific requirements of customers, also we continuously develop our products based on market feedback.

High-end products​

Our products add value to our clients and therefore placed as high-end products in the domestic market. Our goal for the future is to continue to push the boundaries and create bespoke commodities that will benefit our extensive customer base.

Road to more innovations

STM Plastic is on the road to more innovations that is welcomed by many companies around the country. Soon the company hopes to export injection moulding machines to other countries as the annual growth rate of the industry steadily rises.

Our competent and experienced sales and service staff are prompt to respond to our customers at 16 branch offices across India.

After working several years with the injection molding industry, The S&T group identified a growing demand for “quality” injection molding machines in the domestic market. In 2016, under the aegis of ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Government of India, we began STM Plastic, a new brand that would focus primarily on injection molding machines.