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To derive new possibilities and to view old difficulties from a new angle marks real advancement in technology. 

Plastic manufacturing solutions meeting all global standards needs.

Our Machinery

We supplied our products and equipments for various industrial needs.

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Consumable Plastic Products


White Goods

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Household Products


Industrial Products


HDPE & PVC Pipe Fittings

Company Profile

The S&T group identified a growing demand for ‘quality’ injection molding machines in the domestic market.

STM Plastics was started as a group company of the S&T group focusing primarily on the creation of injection molders for the die-mould industry
Company Profile

Our Machines are capable of Producing a Wide Variety of Plastic Products

Injection Molding Machines manufactured by STM are produced with a powerfully built design and suitable to create thin-wall containers. We also offer a unique molding machine that is capable of molding CPVC & UPVC pipe fittings at the same time.

Road to More Innovations

Over the years, our participation in Plastic Industry Exhibitions such as PlastIndia, Plastivision, Plast Asia and IPLEX has given STM Plastics a platform to showcase our products and has also caused great enthusiasm from customers all over the country

Our Range of Machines

Standard Injection Moulding Machine can process raw material like PP, ABS, PC etc & It will has standard screw barrel and heater arrangements

PVC Machine can process material and it will have special screw barrel and heater blower system for exhausting the excess temperature.

STM Plastics Manufactures 80 ton to 800-ton Toggle injection molding machines at its Coimbatore plant.

Since its inception, the company has installed over 800 products across India. Our pride over the years has been servicing our existing customers who come back each time. 60% of all our orders come from existing customers.
Instant Energy

Prestigious Clients

With a dedicated team, well-established infrastructure, nationwide sales and service network, and above all with a corporate integrity, we have served clients from all over India and some of the South East Asian countries. Our endeavor to add more such prestigious names to our clientele list continues.  

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